Textile Printing
Among the various products and services offered by Colortex (Babik Frères), printing constitutes one of our major fields of operation. Through our modern machinery and qualified personnel, we are able to tailor to the various textile printing requirements. Whether you are searching for printed apparel fabric (military and non-military), advertising articles (bandanas, beach umbrellas, banners…), kitchen towels, tablecloths, or country flags, our company is capable of satisfying your needs and meeting your expectations with affordable prices and quick delivery.
  1. Flags
    1. Country
    2. Corporate
    3. Sporting clubs
  2. Promotional beach umbrellas
    1. Beach Umbrella
    2. Promotional Umbrella
  3. Camouflage Combat Suits
    1. Military suit
    2. Hunting suit
  4. Bandanas
    1. Promotional
    2. Event
    3. Fashion
  5. Others
    1. Clothing
    2. Banners and advertising
    3. Kitchen towels
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